Where2go - planning the research trips

Coworking spaces appear all over the planet and they all have some sort of significance in the development of the global trend of coworking. In the context of the MZ project the challenge was to find coworking societies which in some way or another had similarities to our concept or the location in which our concept was to be explored. After researching the internet through out the world of coworking, my attention kept returning to the case of Óbidos, Portugal, and the peninsula of Cornwall, Great Britain. Both places are European, their main source of income is tourism, beaches and nature are some of their major attractions, incubation of creative business are locally facilitated and they each hold a strong iconic image at a national level. The common denominators are many, yet we have not found any concepts offering actual matchmaking the way we intend to do it. The idea of “working holiday” is crucial for the current perception of traveling tourists, and we are exited to learn how the two top priorities places among the selected tourist destinations understand the concept of “beta-tourism”.