Fundraising (#moneystillmatters#)

To ensure the future of the project - the transition from paper work to actual bricks in a house - we initiated the funding of a MZ building concurrently with the research work. Earlier in the process than initially expected business models were to be made in order to consult lawyers and accountants on the economic sustainability of a built MZ. We soon realized that the most important fundament for the process of actually constructing a MZ was the founding of an economic operators association. The role of the association is to hold the ownership of the building as well as being in charge of the rental responsibilities. To establish an economic operators association you need 300.000 non-refundable Danish krones, a set of statutes (including the appointing of directors or board members) and some well described fund purposes. To full-fill these requirements we set out to find some stakeholders or other interested parties - among many in the network of the MZ monitoring group. Due to lack of time in the pilot project we approached professional fundraisers regarding the actual fundraising of the MZ building. Together we outlined a top3priority list of the MZ funding possibilities, appointing the working holiday concept as priority 1, the sustainable and architectonic innovative building as priority 2, and the inter-Scandinavian perspectives and potentials as priority 3. So far a dialogue between Realdania and the MZ project has been initiated.