guesthouse klitmoller

Opening of Guest House and Cowork Klitmøller

Dear Friends,

It feels like the shortest winter - ever!
This is probably because we have been working our butts off.
At the moment, we have 97 photos of the process. You can find them here.

Soon, we'll open the doors to the Guest House and Cowork Klitmøller.
Come and join us to make the first day a great one:

Opening day is April 1st, Ørhagevej 84 in Klitmøller, at 2.30 p.m.

We'll be there in our fanciest clothes, with open arms, as proud as we can be and ready to show you around.
We've done our best, but it is possible that we have forgotten to put everyone that ought to be there on the list. So, if you're talking to someone who you think should be on it, by all means, bring them along. It's an open house.

Schedule (come and go as you please):

14:30: Canapés (bread from the Arrogant Baker) and (Cold Hawaii) beer
15:30: The winged words and champagne
16:00: Hand-brewed coffee and Friis-Holm chocolate served by HAANDPLUK (buy yourself)
18:00: Stenvognen (our local food truck) will come with organic chicken (buy yourself); ORDER HERE if you want to make sure you get some
20:00: Friday bar + 1* The concept is same as usual, so bring your own alcohol and share
21:30: Pacific Swell
+ anyone who wishes to contribute something that we can swing, sway, and bounce to is welcome to chip in. 

Nb: The Friday Bar on April 17th has been cancelled in favour of the opening on April 1st. 

Yours Sincerely,
Rasmus & Rasmus

The new Cowork Klitmøller is undisputedly taking shape

We have been working (a.k.a. practically lived on the building site) for nine weeks, and the project on Ørhagevej 84 is beginning to take shape. Fortunately, we haven't encountered major obstacles; everything is (knock on wood) going according to planned. The result is, in our humble opinion, fantastic.

At the beginning of January, Fejerskov and I will continue to work on the outside of the building for around one-and-a-half weeks; the rest of the team will move inside. We will join them in the middle of January. There, we will work round the clock until the beginning of March when you'll receive the next update.

It's impossible, and maybe only interesting to us, to describe what we've been through. Instead, here is Mette's depiction of the process:

It is still the goal to be finished by Saturday, April 1st for the official opening day and party. You may put that date on your calendar.

We can't wait to invite you to enjoy the new Cowork & Guesthouse Klitmøller. Until then, feel free to stop by. We won't stop working, but, if necessary, will talk while working. ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!