Capturing the essence

Together with one of our most dedicated beta-residents - Peter Alsted - I’m participating in the effort to make a documentary about Casper Steinfath

For the last four days, I’ve had the privilege of working with Alsted on the project. The occasion was this year's edition of the Battle of the Paddle in Salt Creek, California. We’ve been flies on the wall following Casper; his girlfriend, Mette; Casper's brother, Peter; and their soulmate, Oliver. 

It’s been hard work but definitely worth it. I've witnessed a young man with a lot of passion and character – and an admirable friendship between the four of them. I've met a lot of interesting and welcoming people. It has been inspiring and great fun.

I look forward to working with Alsted and many new faces during post production. I really hope we manage to capture the essence of the viking from Cold Hawaii.