Winner of a holiday stay in Klitmøller

Sebastian Wahl from Kiel is the winner a holiday stay in Klitmøller. We drew a number and the entry drawn belonged to Sebastian. Congratulations!

We’ll e-mail your voucher straight to your inbox. Enjoy your beach house stay!

We wanna thank all you AWESOME people who took your time to fill out our questionnaire, Co-working Klitmøller. The responses tell us quite a lot about our target group (including you), and we are very happy about the support and enthusiasm so many of you added. Also - kudos to our great sponsors, Feriepartner Thy, who donated the beach house stay. You guys rock!

Fill out our questionnaire, and you have the chance to win a holiday stay in Klitmøller

We at Cold Hawaii Starfish are in the process of exploring a new project aimed to serve both locals and visitors in Klitmøller. Our idea is to realize and construct a co-working concept and office space named “Matchmaking Zones”.

The pilot project Matchmaking Zones is funded by grants from the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs and LAG Thy-Mors. The overall aim of the project is to develop a concept readymade to be implemented in rural districts and surf destinations all over the world, but the starting point will be Klitmøller and Scandinavia. With the construction of a “Matchmaking Zone” building in Cold Hawaii we hope to create a space where local residents can conduct their business AND where visiting surfers, tourists, students and business owners (a group we define as "beta-residents") can work while they are in town, giving them the opportunity to meet with local residents regarding their project- and business affairs.

In order to do so we need more information about our target group, the so-called “beta-residents” of Klitmøller. A beta-resident is a person with some kind of relation to Klitmøller who nevertheless does not live in or near Klitmøller. This review is a questionnaire based on some of the focus group interviews that we have already conducted. The questionnaire will ONLY be used to gather statistics on our target group in order to ensure that the final project serves this group’s real needs.

Therefore, please take 8 minutes to fill out our questionnaire - especially all you nature-loving, surf-passionate or beach-bums travellers, who flow in and out of the area of Klitmøller every year. We thank you and acknowledge your efforts with the chance to win a stay for 6 persons in a beach house in Klitmøller sponsored by Feriepartner Thy.

(Survey is completed, we will find the lucky winner on Friday September 27. Thank you for your interest!)