imaginary rabbit

You can borrow my house and car if I can borrow your mobile home

Have you planned a trip to Klitmøller in your mobile home this summer? Would you like to live like a local in my house in Klitmøller – for free? Well, here’s your chance: Let’s swap! You can borrow my house and car if I borrow your mobile home. How’s that sound? If you are interested, please comment below. I know, there are some details – insurance, etc. – that must be in place first, but there are solutions to that. We'll find those together. If I succeed, we might pave the way for a more permanent home/mobile home swap service in Klitmøller — who knows?

No doubt, most of the residents in Cowork Klitmøller believe that our little village is the center of the universe, especially during the summertime, when the ocean is warmer, the days are longer, and the parties reveal so much more naked skin.

Believe it or not, we – the most dedicated locals – need to go somewhere else to surf, to eat, to get inspiration, etc. The ultimate freedom of a restless person such as myself is to have a mobile home. I can go north to Norway, east to Sweden, west to England, or south to France – maybe even Spain or Portugal. Only time and fuel will limit our mobility.

In Klitmøller, downsizing is not uncommon. It fits the lifestyle of a surfer, where flexibility is the key to the ultimate experience. I encourage myself on a daily basis to let go of consumerism and materialism, to free myself from “things” and focus more on freedom and possibilities.

Along with my boyfriend, I am, however, (still) a house owner, and not a wealthy one. We have three kids and an imaginary rabbit. In other words, sharing and trust are our currency. Renting a mobile home in Denmark is seriously expensive, as is renting a house in Klitmøller during the high season. So here’s a thought:

You, my (most likely German) fellow surfer, can borrow my house if I can borrow your mobile home. No money will change hands. You’ll be nice to my home because you know that I’ll take care of your vehicle.


Credits to my friend Ole Busk for coming up with the home/mobile home swap service idea.