We're approaching operation mode

We have now been up and running at the new Cowork Klitmøller since April 3. It's an exquisite feeling. The rooms are tuned in, and the place is working well. We're approaching operation mode.

You should try it to see if it turns on your sense of belonging also. We have eight chairs for beta residents, which have already been used quite often. It's easy to book a chair, and the price is fair.

4 hours: 6€ + Danish VAT
9 hours: 10€ + Danish VAT
One week: 60€ + Danish VAT

OPENING HOURS: 8:00 - 21:00, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

We have a good video conference system and are considering purchasing a green screen so you can have anything in the background. That way no one can tell that you aren't at your usual location.

We have ... maybe not amazing coffee but we're working on it -and shared lunch approx. at noon. Bring some food, and remember: we share what's there.

I think the best word to describe the place is: homely - or at least that's how we feel, and what many say when they visit the place for the first time.

We are 11 residents in the house: a graphic designer and a clothing designer, another graphic designer, a photographer, another photographer, a moviemaker, a chief project manager from Cowi, a musician, a creative director at a local clothing company, a manager at a home for kids with special needs and – well – me.

We have held the first two Friday bars. As it turned out, and lucky for us, the place is also suitable for that. The next Friday bar is 21st of July. Come by! Surfjoint (the biggest surf party of the year) is on Saturday 22nd; that's a perfect two in one.

By the way, The opening on April 1 went amazingly. If you were not there yourself, you can share the memories through the pictures from the opening day

We wish you a good summer and look forward to seeing you at Cowork Klitmøller.