Amazing event - amazing team

The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014 ended Sunday night at 8:12 p.m., with Thomas Traversa as the winner. Second was Victor Fernandez. Robby Swift and Leon Jamaer shared third place. Prior to the prize giving, nothing less than a high drama occurred Sunday in Klitmøller. 

In the weeks leading up to the event, Cowork Klitmøller served as the hub for all preparations. Having many of you in the house has been fun for all of us. Thank you for the good vibes, and by all means, swing by the next time you’re in Klitmøller. 

Mette took some pictures of the team - find them here (click to browse). 

Being responsible for all media in conjunction with the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, I have had the privilege to work with nothing less than an amazing team. I can honestly say that we’ve made this event the best possible experience for anyone with an interest in following and understanding a World Cup in windsurfing wave performance. 

Thanks to Ole Svarrer, Michael Breinhild Johansen, Andrea Hoeppner, Benjamin Greve, Julia Lauber, Florian Gebbert, Tobias Abt, Nils Bade, David Strüning, Frank Frese, Chris Yates, Ane Cecilie Scheel, Simon Reeve, Maja Tarp, John Carter, Jacob Thorn Jensen, Jeppe Svendsen, Jeppe Søndergaard, Pedro Bjerregaard, Silas Thorn Jensen, Martyn Kent Francis, Sebastiaan Van Den Berg, Ben Proffitt, Justyna Sniady, Andre Gothe, Alicja Cupial-Nurnberg, Roberto Hoffman, and Ole Sørensen. As part of a fantastic team, you’ve done a fantastic job.