Start up

Before you can do anything you have to prepare (almost) everything. That is the first lesson you learn, when you initiate the funding of a completely new and untested concept. We started describing the project in November 2012, undusting the idea after a couple of years in the bottom of Rasmus’ hidden idea drawer. The concept was clear as it appeared, but we needed words, plans and budgets to approach the funds. To highlight the ambitiousness of the project we established a monitoring group consisting of Knowledge Center of Coastal Tourism, Vaeksthus Copenhagen, Nordic Surfers and The Municipality of Thisted. By new year 2013 the application was written and LAG Thy Mors and The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs knew our agenda. Officially all we had to do was wait. But to be prepared as soon as someone drops the flag, you need to start the engine, tjeck the fuel level and fasten your seatbelt. So we made a provisional project plan, we outlined the potentials and challenges of a project realization and we took contact to any possible future matchmaker in the attempt to assemble diverse focus groups representing the beta-residents of Klitmøller. In March 2013 LAG Thy-Mors made their commitment to the project and by April 1th the project period was initiated even though a delayed feedback from the MHUR supplied no security blanket for the money spent. The official project applicant, the current Cold Hawaii Starfish constituted by 5 micro companies, was involved as a gate keeping project group who - in terms of their core role as the nucleus of a Matchmaking Zone in Klitmøller - has the final saying about the proceeding of the project.