Project application submitted to Realdania

Today it happened. Today we today submitted a project application to Realdania, under the program Places Matters. It is the culmination of a long process and one more step in our efforts to create an open-ended co-working space or “a matchmaking zone" in Klitmøller. 

As mentioned earlier, we are one of over 20 projects and we may or may not receive funding to realize our idea. We believe that ours is a good one, and, hence, that we have a fair chance of getting through the next needle's eye. If we do, we have come significantly closer to turning the first sod for what eventually will be the next version of Co-work Klitmøller. 

There will be an elaboration of what we have delivered today –  this is just to mark a milestone in the Co-work Klitmøller history.

Rasmus Johnsen

I am a philosopher and possess knowledge of new media, that allows people to effectively communicate and organize themselves into systems that are designed to support and profit from collective preferences, intelligence, and talent. I am an entrepreneur and I have several years of experience in managing innovation projects. I have worked with politicians and elected officials, public administration employees, for-profit companies, and NGOs.