Sweet coworking summer days in Klitmøller

Klitmøller beach - which by the way is only a few hundred meters from Cowork Klitmøller. 

Klitmøller beach - which by the way is only a few hundred meters from Cowork Klitmøller. 

By Kaja Skytte (beta-resident and founder of Plant Planets): I left Copenhagen in June to spend a couple of weeks as a beta-resident at Cowork Klitmøller. What I experienced was an old mechanical workshop transformed into space with thriving ideas and a lot of good energy. I ended up spending three weeks at Cowork Klitmøller.

Cowork Klitmøller is, first and foremost, a creative place. The catalyst is – I think – a community based on the desire to help out. In short: The vibe is just really good.

The people there, more or less, immediately started throwing new ideas at me, and before I knew it, I was throwing just as many back.

Often, the exchanging of ideas happened during lunch but could just as easily happen when I – being a bit drowsy – showed up for the day's first activity. I never really knew, and that was part of what made it so exciting.

I quickly – and much quicker than expected – became part of the community I had dreamed of: A lovely creative community with mixed creative businesses and a lot of courtesy; I even joined a small group of morning bathers. I met people with whom I became friends. During the entire stay, I had sand between my toes.

Together with one of the residents, Troels Schwarz, I changed the graphical identity of my company.

Together with his wife, Benthe Boesen, Troels is also the founder of Slow Works, which is one of the beautiful initiatives that grew out of Cowork Klitmøller. Slow Works is a sweet little design shop located in a separate room but in the same building as the actual coworking space.

I was inspired by the amount of thoughtfulness that Troels and Benthe put into their design and their ability to not make the mistake of overproducing. The indigo blue colour is consistent and a gentle reference to the ocean. My Plant Planets and the Galaxy Globe are now part of the inventory in their shop, and they are listed as my first West Coast dealer.

All of the creative people at Cowork Klitmøllera and the exceptional initiatives that are happening in and around there give me a strong desire to return there.

Thanks to everyone, and especially to Troels, Benthe, Peter, Mette, and Rasmus for the kindness and courtesy they showed to the girl from Copenhagen, who came to Klitmøller without knowing anyone or anything and left feeling like a part of something very special and valuable.

Rasmus Johnsen

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