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Cowork Klitmøller

Is open

How it works

Cowork Klitmøller is a coworking space and a Matchmaking Zone hence an ‘open-ended’ coworking space for residents and beta-residents of Klitmøller. Residents live in Klitmøller and are long term tenants. Beta-residents are short term tenants that live somewhere else and need to bring (some of) their work to Klitmøller. 

Contact us is you want to apply for residency (yes, you can write in Danish also). If you're a beta-resident – please proceed to booking


1: Short term tenants
2: Long term tenants
3: Slow Works
4: Meeting & conference room

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How to visit us

You are always welcome at Cowork Klitmøller. Swing by around lunch (12 PM).

Approximately once a month, you can join our Friday Bar, starting at 3 PM. As long as there are people in the building, you can drop in. The Friday Bars are the days you have the chance to meet us, whether you live in town or not.

So even if you only have 15 min, come anyway. We would much rather see you for a short while than not see you at all.  The big Christmas Party is a must-go event. Go there once, and you will know why.

Cowork Klitmøller Christmas party 2014 - 08

Friday bar 2018

Open for all (doors open 3 PM)

January 19th

February 23th

March 23th

April 20th

May 18th

June 15th

July 27th

August 24th

September 28th

October 12th

November 23th

The Christmas Party

December 8th (The big Christmas Party, doors open from 8 PM) 


Who we are

We are a community for residents and beta-residents of Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii. We want to combine innovative and creative prosperous business with maximum freedom and flexibility. Read more on our Q&A-page

Why we do it

We believe that work should be merged into life, where many other (unpredictable) factors are also crucial for the experiences that make life worth living.